Accounting success

The accounting education and profession face many challenges. Students simply dislike the subject (later for the reasons), and choose other careers because they think accounting is way too hard. Who can blame them? They go to class, try to study hard, and desperately seek support. However, at the end the results are clear - too many failing grades. Is the reason for the failing grades lack of support, lack of studying on behalf of the student, lack of effort on behalf of the professor, or is the subject just too difficult?

One recent journal article (Wygal, Watty, and Stout, 2014) examined the drivers of teaching effectiveness by investigating the perceptions from award winning Accounting Professors. These professors received formal awards as the best professors in accounting. When they asked them what their perceptions were of the key elements of teaching effectively, they stated the following:

Having a Student Focus (motivating, empowering, and both caring for and respecting students); Commitment to Teaching (passion, joy, and enthusiasm for teaching); High Levels of Preparation and Organization (learning runs smoothly and no one is confused); Ability to Link Subject to Practice (practice-relevant examples); Professor's Skills and Attributes (clarity, willingness to explain, humor);

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